Between Jupiter & mars

Meet benji cohen - hollywood manager to the misfits

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When top CAA agent Benji Cohen accidentally goes into Wanda’s psychic shop, he gets some disturbing news from the other world: He has a tumor and it won’t go away unless he quits his job and becomes a manager - but only for the misfits of Hollywood - actors no one else will hire.

Benji tries to ignore the quack advice, but when his doctor shows him the dreaded x-ray, he decides to take Wanda seriously. He sells his roster to longtime rival Rupert Wisebaum - and shocking the Hollywood movers and shakers, he puts up his shingle: Benji Cohen Management.  

What comes through the door next are Benji’s new clients. Let’s start with a clown from the mid-west, an ex-porn star from the Valley and a plus size woman with a shrill voice and male sex organs.  That’s just the start...

Episodes 1-8

Written by: Rob Bruner & Campbell Massie

Directed by: Rob Bruner

Produced by: Dino Antoniou & Rob Bruner

Producer: Jamee Natella

Editor: Randy Kent


Rob Bruner

Josh Sussman

Tess Hunt

Patrick Pankhurst

Andy Pandini

Lara Doucette

Dino Anoniou

Campbell Massie