nephew of the universe

In the early sixties my aunt Esther moved to India.  When she returned to New York in ‘65, she had changed her name to “Alo Devi” and brought an Indian man back with her – a “spiritual man” named Sri Chinmoy.  I first met Chinmoy with my whole family at a hotel in New York on our way to Israel.  He didn’t speak much but he gave me not one but two chocolate bars. What an incredibly nice uncle I thought – no one had every given me two bars at once! In a way he had me already.

Four years later I was moving to Ottawa with my mother and sister – to join a group called “The Sri Chinmoy Centre”. I was to become uncle Chinmoy’s disciple. For the next 18 years, from age 12 to 30, I was a devoted follower of Chinmoy – dedicating my mind, beliefs and very life to his mission and to my own spiritual growth. He gave me the name “Gauranga”- meaning the “Golden Avatar” which was a huge deal apparently. I didn’t call him uncle, but some joked that because my aunt called herself  the “Mother of the Universe” – I could say I was the “Nephew of the universe”.

Developed with the prestigious National Film Board of Canada, Nephew of the Universe promises to be an offbeat and heartfelt documentary that will take the viewer on a very personal and creative journey of reconciliation while exploring the age old struggle between humanism and spirituality. 

In addition, Nephew of the Universe will be presented as a theatre piece - a one person show written and performed by Rob Bruner - made possible with a generous grant from the Canada Council of the Arts.  Watch for it beginning in the fall of 2016 as it tours through major North American cities.


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A One Man Show